Web Strategy

Guaranteed on the first page of Google or your money back

The first part of any Internet marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization for the Americans) also known as SEO (obviously the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation)

Not only can we help you with a quality and functional website design but when you contract us for your SEO program we guarantee to get you on the first page of Google or your money back! Not just your business name either- we optimise for keywords your potential customers are using.

Your Daymedia SEO program includes

Keyword Analysis
SEO Analysis, Rank reporting and tracking
Copy Writing
Google Analytics
Competitor Analysis
Quality referring Link Recommendations

Plus some tips that are secret! (A bit like Colonel Sanders secret herbs and spices)!

Unless your potential customers can actually find your site, it is not going to help you at all to generate sales or enquiries.

Many people think that having a website is a magic item for business success. And of course it is the beginning to creating leads and exposure to your business beyond belief compared with other traditional forms of advertising and marketing. But having a professionally designed website built  that is: Search Engine Friendly with sharp graphics, shopping carts, blogs, flash movies, and nifty custom web solutions is wonderful but but when you search for it in Google it’s not showing up at all or is so far down the search results that it is unlikely to ever be found by your customers. Having a new website developed or redesigned does not automatically promote you number one at the top of the search engine charts!

In order to take advantage of the web – you need more than just a great website – you also need to ensure that people can find your site easily on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), and not just for searches on your business name, but also for searches on a whole range of keywords and keyword phrases that are related to your products or services.

You need to Get yourself some Search Engine Optimisation!

Search Engine Optimisation increases your Website Traffic

By deduction, testing and collaboration with other industry experts we have refined our strategy in the past by finding what has worked and why. This is a dynamic process that we are constantly adjusting and we pass on the benefit of many hours  analysis and expertise to you in your SEO program.

At present we have had great success in optimizing our customers websites for the first page of Google (and other search engines). In many keyword cases we have been able to secure the number one position. So far we have been able to achieve first page ranking (in most cases top 5) for 87 percent first of our clients keywords.